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What Is Moonlight?

Moonlight is a decentralized project management and workplace platform that is built on the NEO blockchain. Targeted towards freelancers, it has a variety of features that are designed to help people recruit talent and scale workforces. Tasks completed on the platform are published as part of a user’s ‘resume’ on NEO’s public ledger.

The platform incorporates matchmaking protocols and trustless datasets to help connect people together to get projects finished. A global marketplace will give people the ability to bid on projects that are posted by other organizations or individuals.


Why Moonlight?

 The Moonlight team says their platform will become the “premier blockchain-based talent matching platform.” The Moonlight marketplace is generally designed for workers who are part-time, so they are asked to bid on projects based on the number of hours they are able to work.

Resumes registered on the blockchain ensure information is accurate and valid, and the platform will use historical data to track how long users take to finish tasks. This gives project issuers another way to evaluate potential freelance candidates. Additionally, Moonlight lets contractors set token incentives at certain stages of the work process to encourage people to complete projects.


Tokenization/Token Utility

Moonlight’s LUX token is a NEP-5 token that has many similarities to NEO. Those holding LUX will be able to get GAS that’s proportional to their holdings. Any remittances/payments with LUX on the platform will result in lower fees for everyone involved.


Token Sale/ICO

According to the whitepaper, 25% of the 1,000,000,000 tokens will be available for a a public sale in Q2 2018. The public token sale will accept NEO and GAS. The team says all distributed tokens will use a tiered vesting system to ensure the sale is not exploited for fast returns.


Team Members

Moonlight’s team is well-built out and has a number of professionals in development, cryptocurrency, and programming. Many team members are associated with City of Zion, which is a well-known NEO development team. Moonlight co-founder Tyler B. Adams is a co-founder for City of Zion, and blockchain developer Chris Birmingham is a City of Zion Developer.

Advisors include Ethan Fast, creator of the NEO wallet and Nathaniel Walpole, the designer of NeoScan.



The Moonlight team has secured a number of high-level partnerships. Partners include City of Zion, nOS, which is an operating system that is designed to interact with blockchains. Team members from nOS are set to build several features and modules for Moonlight.

Other partners include the VDT network, which is a decentralized computer system for generated imagery.



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Arweave (AR) [Profile] – Token Information

What Is Arweave?

Arweave is a brand-new blockchain protocol for storing data on a ledger. It has a couple of differences from traditional blockchains.

Arweave provides a list of hash blocks so people can verify older blocks and evaluate newer ones. It also offers a list of active wallets in order to check transactions without having to run the block. The mechanisms in Arweave are based upon PoA (proof of access) and PoW (proof of work). The overall idea of the project is to foster cheap and permanent storage onchain.


Why Arweave?

The company says Arweave is valuable for a couple of reasons. They explain how it will serve as a secure data storage solution and as a good infrastructure layer for dApps that need data immutability, like for news sites.

Arweave also incorporates a concept known as blockshadows that differs from traditional blockchain networks. Instead of passing new blocks to each node, Arweave just sends a small piece of the ‘shadow’ block. This gives network nodes the ability to restore an entire block.



 Arweave uses the native AR token. The tokens are necessary in order to store information, and payments made by users are distributed to miners as a reward. Miners are responsible for storing and maintaining the information. AR tokens can also be stored inside of a native wallet.


Token Sale/ICO

The project’s token sale took place in early June and saw the fundraising goal of $8,700,000 USD met. The token price was $0.73 USD to 1 AR, and 66,000,000 total tokens were available.


Team Members

Arweave has an experienced and robust team. Co-founder & CEO Sam Williams has worked on a number of projects relating to decentralized system design and implementation. Co-founder and CTO William Jones is currently a PhD candidate studying the nexus of computer science, graph theory, and neuroscience.

Advisors include Jesper Noehr, former CEO of Bitbucket, Anthony Ryan, Head of Growth at Quantstamp, and Julian Lenz, Techstars mentor and angel investor.



Arweave has agreed to a number of strategic partnerships in order to help product development. Team members are working with Shelf.Network, a decentralized auction house, to help flesh out the data storage layer. Shelf.Networks’ native chain will record a reference to the data stored by Arweave.

The team is also working with European university clinic Charite to build a peer-reviewed online biomedical journal. Arweave is currently set to help store submitted research data so it can be publically available and immutable.

Arweave has also been chosen as one of the members for Techstar’s 2018 accelerator program. Techstars is well-known for their mentoring structure that gives companies access to industry leaders. Uber and Digital Ocean are some alumni of the accelerator program.


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