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Agora is a blockchain-based solution for today’s voting systems to help people conduct and carry out free and fair elections across the world. First formed as a voting technology company back in 2015, the team worked with a number of cryptographers and security scientists to build a blockchain voting solution to ensure that votes cast are verified, unaltered, and accessible to outside analysis.


Why Agora?

Many conventional voting systems, like electronic machines and paper ballots, are prone to error and inefficient. Many electronic voting machines have faced security vulnerabilities that have placed vote validity in jeopardy, especially since they can be susceptible to hacking. Even when the voting process is smooth, many electronic machines have short lifespans and are costly to replace.

Paper ballots can result in large costs for printing, transportation, counting, and security, and establishing physical voting stations across large areas can be very expensive and difficult. Paper ballots also only have as much integrity as the administrators who are in charge of tabulating results. Agora believes their blockchain solution will solve these two major issues in a way that will help cut election costs and be easy to integrate.

How Agora Works

The actual Agora architecture encompasses five different layers that interact with each other to ensure a secure voting environment. The Bulletin Board blockchain provides an immutable record of election data that can be accessed by those with the right authentication. The Bulletin Board interacts with the Cotena layer, which provides decentralized immunity to data on the permissions layer.

The Bitcoin blockchain records all transactions on Bitcoin’s network. Cotena stores a hash of the most recent Skipblock inside of a Bitcoin transaction opcode. The Valeda layer validates election results and serves as the final public evidence that data is valid. The Agora team will provide a toolkit for people to audit through Valeda, but it is possible to audit using custom code. Finally, Votapp is the application layer of the platform that lets people participate in an election, or write applications to make processes more user-friendly.


Token Sale/ICO

The VOTE token serves as the asset for the entire Agora ecosystem. It helps incentivize people and groups to contribute towards secure elections. Users can potentially be rewarded for verifying their votes and auditing the results of other elections. There will be a total token supply of one billion, with each VOTE token costing $0.051 each. The pre-ICO started on May 1st, and the main ICO is currently scheduled to commence on August 30th.

Symbol: VOTE (ERC-20)
Token Sale:  September 15, 2018
Hard Cap: $20,000,000  (50% of token supply)

Total Tokens:  1,000,000,000

Agora Team

CEO Leonardo Gammar holds degrees from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and has run venture capital and algorithmic trading investment funds. Advisors include Jaron Lukasiewicz, founder of Coinsetter, and Prabhakar Reddy, investor at Accel Partners. Project ambassadors include H.E. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the sixth President of Mauritius, and Kateryna Yushchenko, Professor at the Banking University of Ukraine.



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