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Bezant (BZN) [In-Depth Project Description | Profile]

What is Bezant?

Bezant is a multi-layered, decentralized digital content distribution and payment platform designed to serve multiple niches including e-commerce and app stores, with the specific aim of supporting the participation of a global audience including those currently limited by their developing economies.

It aims to eradicate the inherent problems faced by both buyers and sellers in incumbent centralized distribution channels such as large e-commerce and app stores, including but not limited to payment method limitations, prohibitive set-up costs, high fees, and cumbersome payments processing. BZNT is the native token of the Bezant blockchain.


Symbol: BZNT (ERC-20)
Token Sale: May 3 – 11
ICO Token Price: 1 BZNT = 0.1000 USD
Minimum Financing:  TBA
Token Supply:  1,000,000,000
Available Tokens for Sale:  50%
Whitelist:  April 23 – May 31

Why is Bezant Relevant

With the proliferation of the internet and decentralized technologies taking over, online commerce and digital content consumption is expected to increase exponentially, year after year. However, within the current centralized setup, a few big names are at the top, and they dictate the rules, which often end up alienating the fastest growing market segments – emerging economies.

Not only are consumers in these markets affected by lack of supported payment methods, small sellers are also unable to set up shop due to centralized policies, high fees, hidden charges and unfair, delayed payment schedules.

A solution to all these issues would be a highly accessible, efficient and scalable platform – and that’s exactly what Jehmi is trying to do with the underlying Bezant Blockchain infrastructure. As compared to existing payment methods, Bezant is:

Instantaneous – Payments made using BZNT will be instant, with no transfer fees involved.

Exchangeable – BZNT can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Global – BZNT is borderless, which means anyone can make and receive instant payments from anywhere.

Convenient – Users can top up their Jehmi wallets on any device, using their preferred method of payment.

How Does Bezant Work

Bezant has adopted a two-tiered approach to solving these problems, by using an underlying blockchain, and a service platform powered by the former. The team is developing a permissioned blockchain, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other cryptocurrencies, and is focused mostly on enterprise usage.

The Bezant blockchain, based on the Hyperledger framework, will serve as a secure, scalable and fast architecture to accommodate high volumes of transactions. Since it will be a closed network, participants will be required to register via an Identity Authentication Service (IAS), allowing enterprise users to efficiently serve users across multiple channels.

Users will download a client application and will connect to peer nodes in order to interact with the blockchain, while ‘orderers’ will be validating all transmitted transactions and creating blocks in the chain. The Bezant blockchain will not require ‘mining’ as is the case with traditional, open blockchain systems, and instead, will rely on trusted users (due to the IAS) to process real-time transactions.

The Bezant service platform is built on top of the Bezant blockchain, and is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offering, which can be tailored to fit different industries and niches, including e-commerce, online gaming, financial services, education, entertainment and utilities. It will offer various services, including a content platform, and a wallet service.

The Jehmi Content Platform will serve as a distribution network, connecting content creators, distributors and end users without reliance on existing, centralized app stores and digital content marketplaces. Since the platform will be running on top of the Bezant blockchain, it will benefit from increased security, transparency (the records will be auditable), privacy, fast processing and very low fees.

The Jehmi wallet module will allow users to manage payments within the system, and will also serve as a gateway between the Bezant-powered platforms and various payment channels including bank transfers, debit/credit cards, cash and cryptocurrencies. Once the wallet is ‘topped-up’, it can be used to purchase goods and services across all service partner portals – users can also convert their balance to BZT tokens, which will have no transfer fees and will allow for fast, instantaneous payments across the entire network.

The wallet will also support transfers between users (without fees), in addition to providing access to external crypto exchanges, allowing users to convert their Bezant tokens for other cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

The entire Jehmi wallet system is going to be powered by the Jehmi Payment Platform, which will solve the payment issues and limitations currently faced by users and content creators in developing economies.

Token Utility

BZNT is an in-network utility token, which can be used within the Bezant blockchain service platform (including the Jehmi Pay, Wallet, and Content Distribution platform). Users can use BZNT via the Jehmi wallet which will allow them to top up BZNT, make payments and purchases with BZNT, transfer BZNT, and exchange BZNT for other cryptocurrencies.


Bezant lists 23 people under its team on their home page.

Steve Tay – Foundation Representative Director (LinkedIn)

Daesik Kim – Chief Cryptocurrency Officer (LinkedIn)

Mark Yu – Chief Product Officer (LinkedIn)

Chan Joon Kim – CEO of Jehmi (LinkedIn)

Julian Migura – Chief Business Officer (LinkedIn)

Ray Cho – Chief Financial Officer (LinkedIn)

Ji Kim – VP, Corporate Operations (LinkedIn)

Keunil Wang – Chief Service Officer (LinkedIn)


Tyler Kim – VP of Global Partnerships (LinkedIn)

Luke Shim – Head of Financing (LinkedIn)

SangYoung Park – Founder of Dayli Financial Group

Shizuya Nakamoto– Director, Market Operations Asia Activision (LinkedIn)

James Hursthouse – Advisor (LinkedIn)

Jae-min Byun – CFA, CPA Advisor (LinkedIn)

Chris Suh – Advisor (LinkedIn)



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