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Digital wallets are competing fiercely on new features to be more than a place to store crypto and fiat money. Any new features, however, are by design limited to the capacity and functionality of the blockchain. For most wallets, the blockchain of choice is the Ethereum network.

CryptoCurve has created an interoperable wallet on Wanchain—a blockchain that creates smart contracts which operate across public and private chains.

A Low Learning Curve for Crypto Wallets

In addition to providing privacy features, the cross-chain platform offers a number of currency management benefits. The aim of the wallet developers was to add more services such as trading while making digital wallets easier to use. Currently, multi-currency trading is complex. Finding partners in cross cryptocurrency trading can be difficult and may even require going to a more liquid exchange. Each exchange will require the trader to go through the KYC verification process.

CryptoCurve, on the other hand, swaps digital assets in real time. Converting among crypto and fiat assets is easily and quickly facilitated with the ‘Nuke’ feature, which allows wallet holders to liquidate all or a set percentage of a portfolio. Taking a snapshot of an account enables the wallet holder to revert back to the currency allocation before the nuke. The Nuke feature not only converts across BTC and ETH but also the increasingly popular stable coins. A fiat gateway allows fiat to be traded without trading it for BCT or ETH.

ICOs & Pooling

When a sufficient amount of CURV tokens are acquired, the investor may run their own pooling of smart contracts. Custom pooling can be used to raise funds for initial coin offerings or digital asset issuance.
The system can set hard caps and help ensure funding targets are met. Cryptocurrency can be purchased directly from the wallet with a bank account or credit card.

Wanchain connects digital assets across chains. This connectivity allows transactions, credit risk and other trade flows to function decentrally, removing centralized counterparty risk.

At the same time, the digital ledger delivers conventional blockchain benefits such as audibility and trackability while provisingprivacy protection remain


Like trading, investing in ICOs is simplified. Only one KYC verification is required versus having to be vetted by each ICO issuer. By investing in CURV, through the smart contract, the investor is invested in all ICOs hosted by Curve. The more CURVE tokens staked, the more free airdrop tokens received from ICOs. The wallet is well prepared for an increased in crypto trading regulation; Curve ICOs are securities-compliant. To preserve the value of Curve tokens, CryptoCurve buys up and burns tokens each quarter.


Wanchain is offering technical, marketing and other support to projects that launch on its blockchain alternative. The chain has switched from the ERC-20 token standard to its own Wanchain protocol.

Wanchain president Dustin Byington is a CryptoCurve advisor. The former Goldman Sachs analyst has three other blockchain businesses behind him, Satoshi Talent, Tendermint, and Stokens Venture Capital.

Token Utility

CryptoCurve has replaced the Ethereum compliant token (ERC-20) with its own Wanchain protocol (WRC-20). Discounts are available when trading in crypto and fiat currencies, and investing in ICOs using the CURV token. When enough CURV tokens are accumulated, investors can create and run pooling smart contracts.

Token Sale

Sign up for the pre-sale on the CryptoCurve website.

Symbol: CURV (WRC-20)
Presale: May 22, 2018 – June 6, 2018
Token Sale: July –September
Hardcap: $32,000,000
Price: 1 CURV = $0.20
Available Tokens for Sale: 50%
Token Supply: 415,000,000


Full cross-chain functionality and portfolio tracking will be offered at the end of 2018. Meanwhile, basic CryptoCurve wallet functionality will be available by mid-year 2018. ICO investing, and Wanchain and Ethereum ICO pooling will follow. True multi-currency trading, llllll-chain trading will be available in 2019.


Joshua Halferty, CEO
Xander Yi, CFO
Andrew Kerrison, Architecture
Alex Lenart, Creator of Experience
Andre Cronje, Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer
Anton Nell, Web/Mobile Engineer


Dustin Byington – President, Wanchain Foundation Limited
Mark Ashelford – Russells Solicitors
Rajesh Gopi – Head, Products & Business Development, Wanchain Foundation Limited
Addison Huegel – Managing Partner, Elevator Communications
Tim Bukher – Partner, Thompson Bukher
Dr. Moe Levin – World Blockchain Forum


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