Gaze Coin [GZE]

Monetizing VR/ AR through attention based advertising done via eye tracking. Gaze Coin is a patent-registered blockchain platform measured by gaze control/eye tracking.


Symbol:  GZE
Token Sale: December 10
Minimum Financing: $2 million
Hard Cap: $30 million
Exchange Rate: 1 GZE = $0.35

Platform: Ethereum
Country: Australia

Token Distribution: 70% in sale
Advisors: 5%
Contractors: 5%
Team: 10%
Growth Pool: 10%

Angel investors provided US$420k to complete the platform foundation – Dream Channel VR


What will it take for VR/AR to have mainstream adoption?

Why are you using attention (time) as the measurement unit for your ad ecosystem?

What is your plan to get advertisers to use Gaze?

Is there a concern that advertisers will not be able to create ads engaging enough to keep viewers interest?

What is the main benefit of utilizing blockchain technology for Gaze?

Jonny Peters – Founder & CEO
Bok Khoo – ‘Bokky Poo Bah’ – CTO/Chief Scientist
Alex Stojcic – CIO
Brian Cobb – VR Film Producer
Gary Ross – Legal Counsel
Saul Hudson – Global Communications Director
Landon Curry – VR Technical Team Director
Matt Knox – Database Programmer
Lea Kozin – Marketing Lead
Craig Saunders – VR Producer
Sean Simon – Procedural Coder – Wormhole Developer
Mark Mulligan – VR Tech Lead
Dave Green – VR Radio / DJ
Cenk Baban – Producer – VR Radio
David Kelly – Real Time Rendering Specialist

Jeremy Lam – Product Lead, OmiseGO
George Samman – Blockchain Investor & Advisor
Travis Rice – VR Industry Advisor
Kunio Okuda – Blockchain Investor and Advisor to Japan & Asia


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