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What is Hashgard

Hashgard is a complete digital asset management solution which leverages blockchain technology and builds upon concepts such as ‘decentralized asset autonomy’ from the DAO model.

The project seeks to create a comprehensive ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of achieving distributed inclusive finance – allowing global investors to take advantage of the new economy ushered in by the rise of digital assets.

This is made possible via a multi-layered infrastructure, relying upon various modules, including a smart contracts system which can autonomously manage asset issuance, trusteeship, settlement, audit and more.

Hashgard Architecture


Token Sale:  Hashgard has stated there will be no public sale. From the company’s F.A.Q.:

Our private sale, which was open only to institutions, has already closed and been fulfilled. There will not be public sale nor ICO.

We will be hosting online and offline activities as well as airdrops. Providing feedback during our Alpha and Beta testing will also entitle you to various amounts of airdrop.

Token Supply: TBA


Why Hashgard

While digital assets have brought unparalleled convenience and accessibility, traditional asset management systems and their structures continue to be hurdles towards transparency and effectiveness.

The lack of regulations, use of outdated tools and the ease with which digital asset management funds can be set up now, are all causes for concern. The only way forward towards truly taking advantage of digital assets is matching them with cutting-edge technological solutions which complement their strengths – decentralization, trustlessness and immutability.

Hashgard aims to be that solution.


How Hashgard works

Hashgard borrows the asset autonomy model from the DAO, and improves upon it to securely utilize blockchain technology’s self-governance qualities and remove the need for middlemen and human asset managers. Not only is this cost-effective, it is also much less error-prone and provides higher security to investors’ interests.

The use of blockchain technology also allows for verifiable operational data to be available on request, but it is kept secure at the same time via cryptography. Due to this, stakeholders and investors can get access to private data if and when needed, to ascertain performance credibility.

All of this is made possible via ‘code’ or smart contracts, which are specifically designed for asset management functions, and also allow integration with other systems for purposes such as identity authentication, asset lending, data validation and distribution of content.



Hasgard’s team comprises members from the China-based Fenbushi Capital, where Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was a General Partner, before taking on a more flexible, advisory position. Hashgard’s list of advisors also includes Fenbushi Capital’s founding partner, Bo Shen.



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