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Holochain is a framework for the building of dApps (decentralized applications). It is not a blockchain, but rather a DHT (Distributed Hash Table) in which every user has their own chain and all transactions are published to the DHT. Holochain supports Javascript and Lisp.

Holochain is a project being built to create a decentralized, distributed internet.

Holo is a peer-to-peer app hosting marketplace built on top of Holochain consisting of hosts and users of distributed computing. In return for hosting dApps hosts and users receive payment in the form of Holo fuel.

Holo fuel is used to pay hosts for data storage and processing.

Possible use cases for Holo:

  • Social Networks, Social Media & VRM
  • Supply Chains & Open Value Networks
  • Cooperatives and New Commons
  • P2P Platforms
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Collaborative Applications
  • Reputational, or Mutual Credit Cryptocurrencies



Symbol: HOT
Token Sale: Thursday, 29 March 2018 at 10:00 a.m. GMT to 28 April 2018 at 10:00 a.m. GMT
Minimum Financing:  1,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap: 25,000,000 EUR  (250,000,000,000 HOT)

Total Token Supply:  At the close of the ICO, 33.3% more HoloTokens than were purchased will be minted for the Holo organization and team, such that 25% of all tokens are held by the organization and team, and 75% are held by the community

Whitelist:  Registration. Opened January 9, 2018 (Requires KYC documents and Webcam interview)


Platform: HoloTokens are erc-20 tokens that will be tradable for Holo fuel when the Holo ecosystem launches later in 2018

NoteNo vesting of team tokens


HOLO PoRT (Hosting BOX)

Holo ran a IndieGogo campaign that raised $647,546 for the project. Backers of the project receive a Holo Port which can be used to to host dApps in exchange for Holo Fuel. 1,381 Holo Ports were ordered from the campaign.

  1. Get a Holo Port (Hosting Box)
  2. Enable yourself and others to access Distributed Applications through a web browser
  3. Get paid in Holo Fuel



  • Holo Fuel is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency
  • Fuel is earned by hosting on HOLO
  • Mutual Credit Currency:  Double-entry crypto-accounting framework
  • Asset-Backed: Holo fuel is backed by the computing power of hosts
  • Value-Stable: The value of Holo fuel is connected to the computing capacity of the network of hosts therefore it is not subject to huge spikes and crashes


Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun are listed as co-founders on the Holo website. According to the site, they met in the summer of 2004 and in 2007 launched the MetaCurrency project.

An additional 31 people are listed as members of the Core Team.

Arthur Brock – Co-Founder, Chief Architect (Founder of Metacurrency Project, Founder of Emerging Leader Labs – LinkedIn)
Eric Harris-Braun – Co-Founder, Executive Engineer (Founder of Metacurrency Project, Computer Science Degree from Yale University – LinkedIn)

Nicolas Luck – Core Holochain Engineer (Social Architect at S7 Foundation – LinkedIn)

Philip Beadle – Engineer (Software Design Chapter Lead at Elabor8 – LinkedIn)
Nicerine Razwani Bres – App Ecosystem Development (Co-Founder of WeAreMesh –  LinkedIn)
Matthew Schutte – Communications Director (Co-Founder of Collaborative Advantage – LinkedIn)


  • 2004: Founders meet and begin discussing alternatives to centralized hierarchical structures
  • 2007: The MetaCurrency project launches to create better tools for communication and collaboration
  • 2016: The MetaCurrency Project writes the first line of Holochain code
  • July 2017: Holo is born as a way to make distributed apps built on Holochain widely accessible
  • October 2017: Holochain Alpha 0 is released
  • December 5, 2017: Holo launches Indiegogo campaign to build incentivized hosting ecosystem


  • Q1 2018:  ICO Launch. Ends on April 28 at 10 a.m. (GMT)
  • Q2 2018:  Holochain Alpha. Release to Indiegogo early adopters
  • Q3 2018: Holoports Shipped. Plus first test transaction on Holo using Holo fuel, reaching 2,000 hosts
  • Q3 2018: Holochain Alpha 3. Includes security audit and the ability to adjust DHT paramters and behavior
  • Q3 2018: Core App Services. Available: Holochain Directory (as Package Manager), DPKI & Identity Services, Holochain Index, and Smart Caching
  • Q4 2018: Transaction Milestone. 100M test transactions an hour on Holo using Holo fuel
  • Q4 2018: Devices Running Holo. Test net of Holo running 10,000 host devices
  • Q4 2018: Holochain Beta. Commitment to backward compatibility and more security audits. Also Holochain App store/Package Manager live with partnerships established for other asset-backed currencies (energy, food, housing, etc.)


“This is something entirely new, and it isn’t a blockchain, this is a new kind of decentralized beast, but I love it.” ~Andre Cronje

ICO Check:

TrackICO:  4.8

Sergio: 60%


Holo Website / Holochain Website / Holo Green Paper / Holo Currency Paper/ Holochain Whitepaper /  Github / Medium / Twitter/ FacebookReddit / Telegram / Youtube / Bitcoin Talk / Instagram

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