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Keep Network [ICO / Presale Profile]

Keep Network is a privacy layer bridging the public blockchain to private data. Through the use of “keeps” (off-chain containers) the network securely encrypts and stores private data. Off-chain keeps will be protected through the use of secure multiparty computation (sMPC).

The project proclaims it is the first production-ready sMPC system for distribution on the public Ethereum blockchain. Keep Network enables “private” smart contracts.



Symbol: KEEP
Token Sale: Q2 2018
Minimum Financing:  TBA
Hard Cap:  $30,000,000
Token Supply:  1,000,000,000
Available Tokens for Sale:  50%
Whitelist:  Must be on Keep Network’s Slack (Request to be added can be sent by visiting their site.)

Platform: ERC-20



  • Decentralized Signing
  • Dead Man Switch:  Allows the automation of instructions and transfer of funds for trusts and estate plans.
  • Custodial Wallets
  • Marketplaces for Digital Goods:  Securely sell digital goods (e.g. ebooks) by keeping files private until payment is made
  • Encrypted Blockchain Storage:  Bridge to store sensitive, private data (e.g. medical records)



Clients:  Pay to use keeps’ storage capacity for privacy

Providers:  Stake tokens to use them to compute and store secrets.

“Our token model is similar to taxi medallions. You own KEEP, you stake, and you can profit on being a privacy provider.”  ~Matt Luongo, Project Lead (quote from Slack chatroom)



Enigma, NuCypher



Matt Luongo (Project Lead) and Corbin Pon (Developer & Ops) are listed as founders of Fold (a company that has products that facilitate in the use of cryptocurrency). Through their efforts on Fold to build a decentralized gift card exchange, the Keep Network was created.

According to a FAQ on Reddit, 11 people are working full-time on the project.

Matt Luongo, Project Lead – LinkedIn

Corbin Pon, Developer & Ops – LinkedIn

Antonio Salazar Cardozo, Tech Lead – LinkedIn

Laura Wallendal, Growth – LinkedIn

Nik Grinkevich, Developer – LinkedIn

Erin Ng, Developer – LinkedIn

Prashanth Irudayaraj, Ops & Research – LinkedIn

Jack Knutson, Community Management – LinkedIn



Brayton Williams – Boost VC (LinkedIn)

John Packel – ConsenSys (LinkedIn)

James Prestwich – Integral, formerly Storj Labs (LinkedIn)

Axel Blikstad – International Finance (LinkedIn)

Joseph Urgo – district0x (LinkedIn)

Luis Cuende – Aragon (LinkedIn)



Keep Networks’ homepage lists Polychain Capital, DHVC, and Distributed Capital Partners as supporters. We’ve reached out to the firms to verify if they are investors in Keep Networks.



  • Sept. 26, 2017:  Public Announcement
  • Q2 2018:  Public Sale
  • 2018:  Network Launch

More details to be announced at a later date.


The GobOne:  A

ICO HotSheet:  64.29

Sergio:  74

Lendex:  82.93

ICOMarketData:  4.08

ICODrops:  High



Website / Github / Whitepaper / Primer / Twitter/ Reddit / Slack / Medium  / Telegram: Community

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