Mobius [MOBI]

Mobius connects any app, device, and data stream to the blockchain ecosystem. The MOBI token will be the first ICO on the Stellar Network.


Symbol: MOBI
Pre-Public Sale: Closes on November 6, 2017
Public Sale: November 8, 2017
Tokens for Sale: 30.0% (266,400,000 MOBI)
Total Supply: 888,000,000 MOBI Tokens
Hard Cap: $39 million
Payment Methods: XLM, BTC, ETH


David S. Gobaud: Stanford University, B.S., Computer Science / Harvard Law School, J.D. / Co-Founder, Yoshi / White House / Y Combinator
Kurosh S. Khajvandi: Stanford University, B.S., Biological Sciences, with Honors / Co-Founder & CEO, Incentru / Advisor to Credo & / Early Adopter of BTC, ETH/C / NSF & HHMI Researcher
Monis Rahman: Stanford University, Ph.D., Computational & Mathematical Engineering (on leave) / Auction & Market Design, Deep Learning, Big Data / CTO, Next 2 Percent / Stanford University School of Medicine, Researcher in Immunology / Purdue, B.S. Computer Engineering

Jackson Palmer (Advisor): Co-Founder of | Co-Founder of Ripple | Creator of eDonkey2000
Jed McCaleb (Advisor): Creator of Dogecoin
Daniel Cawrey (Advisor): Co-Founder & CEO Pactum Capital


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