NEX (Neon Exchange)

NEX is a platform for decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation. The platform is built on the NEO blockchain.


Symbol:  NEX
Token Sale Price: TBA
Total Tokens: 50,000,000
Allocation: TBA
Hard Cap: TBA


Where did the idea for NEX come from?

What led to the creation of the exchange on NEO versus another platform such as Ethereum?

What are the biggest challenges facing current exchanges?

What role does will the NEX token have to the exchange?


Fabio C. Canesin – Co-founder and Developer
Fabian Wahle – Co-founder and Developer
Ethan Fast – Co-founder and Developer
Luciano Engel – Co-founder and Developer
Thomas Saunders – Co-founder and Developer
Nathaniel Walpole – Designer
Samuel J. Mansfield – Designer
David Schwartz – Developer
Samuel J. Mansfield – Designer
Evgeny Boxer – Developer
Carla F. de Paiva – Marketing and Public Relations

Da Hongfei – Advisor
Erik Zhang – Advisor


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