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nOS [ICO / Presale Profile] (NEO Project)

nOS is a virtual operating system for the decentralized internet powered by NEO. On this decentralized internet, the project aims to have transparent apps where users data is safe.

The project was announced at the NEO ❤️ Amsterdam Event on April 14, 2018.


Symbol: NOS
Token Sale: Early Q3 2018
Minimum Financing:  TBA
Hard Cap: TBA
Token Supply:  TBA
Whitelist:  TBA, but it has been announced that developers contributing to or building upon nOS will receive priority.

Platform: Tokens are NEP-5 and will run on the NEO blockchain


  • Open Back-ends: dApps feature transparent back-end code
  • GAS as a Utility Token: The main end user token will be GAS as nOS will convert the GAS to work with the various dApp tokens.
  • Universal Smart Contract
    • Single smart contract hosted on NEO
    • Contains popular functions, logic, storage functions
    • Can be called on by any nOS and NEO application
    • Integrated with nOS client
  • Decentralized Authority (see Token Utilities below)


Token utilities according to founder Dean van Dugteren can be broken down into:

1.  Application Hosting:  Developers on projects can stake tokens to register domains, get hosted, listed, rated.

2.  Decentralized Authority:  End users can stake tokens to gain authority, vote on applications, get rewarded for truthful voting through airdrops

Additionally, applications can earn via reputation. In turn high reputation will then lead to higher discoverability in the app store and users also are protected from low reputation applications.


MVP Client is now available on GitHub and developers can build apps on their own NEO Privatenet.

Moonlight (smart economy workforce project on NEO) announced a technical partnership with nOS on April 14, 2018:

The community has grown very quickly as evidenced by reaching 10,000 Telegram members and 20,000 newsletter subscribers in several days.

Da Hongfei Tweeted about the project at the NEO ❤️ Amsterdam Event…


Substratum, Maidsafe


April 14, 2018: Project revealed at NEO ❤️ Amsterdam Event

April 26, 2018:  NEO Zurich Meetup


When did the idea for nOS first come about?

Aside from building on NEO what differentiates nOS from other projects such as Substratum?


The team features three developers from City of Zion (NEO Tracker, NEON Wallet)

Dean van Dugteren – Founder & Developer (Developer at City of Zion Founder VDT.Network Founder Click.DJ – LinkedIn profile)
Matt Huggins – Full-stack Developer (Developer at City of Zion Maintainer of Neon Wallet – LinkedIn profile)
Jason Perry – Full-stack Developer (Developer at City of Zion Creator of NEO Ruby Recaptcha for Ruby)
Jeroen Peeters – Contributor (Front-end Consultant at Evance Creator of Neoblog NeoAuth Developer – LinkedIn profile)
Maurice Dalderup– Contributor (Blockchain Consultant at Trase Creator of Neoblog – LinkedIn profile)


  • April 2018:  GitHub repositories published including MVP client, development environment, and Smart Contract back-end.
  • Q2 2018:  Testnet Release –  first public testnet and end-user client with initial useable decentralized applications (dApps).
  • Q3 2018:  Token Generation Event
  • Q3 2018:  Adoption Fund – nOS will launch its Smart Economy Adoption Fund, aimed towards improving adoption and development of dApps on nOS.
  • Q4 2018:  Decentralized Filesystem Research – nOS will initiate Research & Development on Peer-to-Peer Data File Sharing Methods, with the goal of building a completely Decentralized Open Internet.
  • 2019:  nOS 1.0 – Release of 1.0 Client, publish its Smart Contracts on the NEO Mainnet, and release the nOS Open Internet 1.0.


Suppoman’s discusses the project in his “What 3 New Cryptos Could Explode in Bull Market” video. He states, “nOS is basically NEO’s operating system…. this is potentially massive… seeing how NEX has done I suspect this will be oversubscribed as usual”


Website / Github / Twitter/ Reddit / Dischord / Telegram: Announcements / Telegram: Community / Youtube

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