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Skrumble Network (SKM) [ICO / Presale Profile]

Skrumble Network (SKM) is a blockchain and application with a core focus on communication via secure connections. The application component being developed by the Skrumble Network will enable decentralized communication for messaging, calling, video, and file sharing.

The company’s white paper states: “Finally, people can connect globally on the most secure network possible. This will lead to an experience of Skrumble Network being the blockchain version of WeChat.”

Top Level Overview:

1) Authentication on Blockchain and

2) Establishing Encrypted Connection on SSL (Secured Socket Layer) provide security for

3) Rich Media Stream (Video, Messaging, Voice, File Transfers, etc.)

Decentralized network therefore people’s information is not stored in a single location.


Symbol: SKM
Minimum Financing:  TBA
Hard Cap:  20,000 ETH
Token Supply:  1,500,000,000
Platform: ERC20 Token
Public Sale Date: April 28, 2018

Token Distribution:
Token Sale: 26% (Private & Public)
Foundation: 29%, lock up for 6 months – and vesting over 10 month (10% per month from month 7)
Community Building: 15%
Team: 15%, lock up for 9 months – and vesting over 10 month (10% per month from month 10)
Advisors: 10% or less, lock up 6 months and vesting over 10 months
Angel investors: about 5%.

Skrumble Network Token Distribution



Telegram, Mainframe, BeeChat, Status


Skrumble Network’s video claims the project is “the first secure, decentralized ecosystem powered by blockchain technology that will breakthrough firewalls, assure your anonymity and guarantee content and data privacy.”

Skrumble Network Blockchain Communications Features:

Messaging, Audio Calling, Video Calling, File Transfers, Group Conferencing, Screen Sharing, User-Controlled Storage, Screenshot Notifications, Pseudonymous Identification, Data Encryption, Most Functionality Supported on Any Modern Browser, Wallet for In-Context Money Transfers

Skrumble Features - Whitepaper


  • February 8, 2018:  Skrumble Network is announced on blog
  • February 24, 2018:  SKRUMBLENETCON 2018 (Inaugural Skrumble Network conference)
  • March 14, 2018:  TokenSky Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Eric Lifson co-founder of Skrumble Network was a keynote speaker.


What is the use case/purpose of the SKM token?

How do you see you compare to other crypto messaging projects such as Status?


Skrumble Network’s LinkedIn page lists 35 employees. The company’s team page lists 13 developers (mobile, front-end, back-end, full-stack).

David Lifson – CEO & President (LinkedIn)
Eric Lifson, MBA – Co-Founder, Marketing (LinkedIn)
Michael Dabydeen – Lead Developer (LinkedIn)
Christine Guo VP Corporate Development (LinkedIn)
Tamir Wolfson, MBA – Executive Vice President
Vivi Herlick, MBA, PMP – Vice President of Operations (LinkedIn)

Anthony DiIorio – Co-founder, Ethereum CEO, Jaxx & Decentral
Jeff Pulver – Co-Founder, Vonage
Jinius Tu – CTO of Aion
Redouane Elkamhi, PhD – Associate Professor of Finance at Rotman UofT
Hayden Zhang – Blockchain Angel Investor. Founder, Blockchain Joint Development Organization
Ed Zitron – Author & CEO of EZPR


  • Wolf Crypto (Blockchain/cryptocurrency consultancy)
  • INSchain (Blockchain insurance project)
  • Decentral (Innovation hub for decentralized technologies including Jaxx wallet)


  • 2014:  Skrumble Founded
  • 2015:  Global Patent Applications FIled
  • Q1 2016:  Q1 – Beta UC Product Launch
  • Q2 2017:  UC Product Launch
  • Q4 2017:  Launched Open API Marketplace
  • Q3 2018:  Launch Beta Decentralized App Product
  • Q3 2018:  Release Beta Network Version
  • Q2 2019:  Release Open Communication Layer (API & SDK)
  • Q2 2019:  Launch Skrumble Network Ecosystem

Source: Whitepaper Draft


Blockonomi: “Anyone who wants secure communication via the blockchain, whether as a user or developer, should keep their eye on Skrumble Network as the blockchain, application, and communication layer launch.”

Decentralised Chain published an ICO Review and stated, “There are a number of competitors in the space but what these guys have an advantage.


Website / GithubVimeo / Whitepaper / Facebook / TwitterTelegram / Blog / LinkedIn / WeChat


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