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What Is Ultra?

Ultra is a next-generation game distribution platform that intends to give players and developers more options and a chance to escape current monopolies in the gaming industry. The platform will be a PC publishing marketplace that intends to reward developers more fairly and assist with game marketing, all with the power of blockchain technology.

The Ultra team says in their whitepaper how more than 88% of the PC gaming market is currently untapped, but many developers who operate outside of Steam run into a lot of trouble relating to publicizing their games and keeping pace with Steam’s influence. Blockchain technology makes payments an instantaneous process and can help decentralize in a myriad of other ways, and Ultra believes their platform will foster gaming innovation by developers and incentivize users via a token economy that doles out referral bonuses and other digital goods.



Ultra’s platform combines a variety of technology and features that have been developed over several years. Players using Ultra will be able to play a game even before it is fully downloaded thanks to a content distribution system that keeps downloading data while people are playing. This technology also encompasses automatic game updates and error recovery, and has been licensed to a number of leading companies, like Adobe, Riot, and Zenimax.

Users will have access to Ultra’s advertisement technology, which is designed to help product promotion with Ultra Coins that can be earned from sales. The program also includes a revenue sharing system that lets people receive payment after authorizing ads on the Ultra platform.

The platform will incorporate a number of engagement features into gameplay and usage, including text and voice chat and feeds displaying top content and leading news.


Token Sale/ICO

All purchases will be conducted with smart contracts that mandate the use of Ultra Coins, otherwise known as UTA tokens. Features like loyalty programs, advertisements, and digital goods trading are conducted with UTA tokens. Right now, the team says their token generation event will take place during Q3 of 2018.

Total Token Supply: 1,950,000,000

Hardcap:  $52,000,000


The team is made up of experienced video game industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Co-CEO David Hanson was a top executive at a video game studio that was bought by Kingsoft and was the CEO of a $100 million game console project called Xiaobawang. Co-CEO Nicholas Gilot was the CSO of Xiaobawang and has boosted revenue on a number of game/app projects.

Advisors include Edward Moalem, former Senior Director & Manager at Apple and Google, and Ritche Corpus, Head of Worldwide Content and Director of SW Alliances at AMD. Overall, Ultra currently has more than 32 full-time team members.


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